Custom Tooling

surface finishing tools

Surface finishing tools

We work closely with some architecture companies in order to design and create custom surface finishes for their architectural details.

plastic moulding tools

Plastic molding tools

We work closely with numerous plastics companys to design and develop custom rotational molds for a range of different plastic products.

custom bending tools

Custom bending tools

In order to create some complex bends, custom tools are needed, we can design and make custom tool solutions for press brakes, fly press, and rollers. We use a range of materials i.e mild steel, stainless and polycarbonate to make the tool profiles.


  • process pipe work services & equipment
  • prototyping
  • welding
  • repairs
  • tooling
  • 3d design
  • Industry Sectors

  • Food
  • medical
  • marine
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